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eValuasi Features

The system allows you to setup evaluate processes as you want.
Appraisal process Employee Performance appraisal
Specify evaluate period by employee group.
Employee Performance appraisal
Dynamic evaluate form, can design your own evaluate form.
Employee Performance appraisal
Support a variety sub-form format, such as
- Rating sub-form for KPI, Core and personal Competency, Corporate and personal Goal, Skill
- Employee development plan
- Feedback from employees to their supervisors.
Template form Employee Performance appraisal
Create evaluate template for each employee group.
Defined weighting of each criteria and weighting of each sub-from for score evaluation.
Calculate weighting Employee Performance appraisal
Defined percentage of employees grade as a bell curve graph to force calculate employee grade.
Enable/Disable Self Evaluate process for each employee.
Support evaluate and approve by organization chart workflow.
organization chart Employee Performance appraisal
Tracking evaluation status, evaluation data, analyze data as graph format and details report.
Performance graph Employee Performance appraisal Performance graph Employee Performance appraisal
HR Admin can change status of evaluate form. (Rollback, Transfer)
Organization Chart and employee management also support import external data.
Email Notification.
Define subject and message in email notification.
Encrypt a sensitive data to protected hacking from database.
Calculate employee grade by specific organization head. (employee grade would calculate follow by percentage of grade in bell curve)
Export evaluate form to PDF format. (Support draft/final water mark)
Save to PDF Employee Performance appraisal
Provided Audit trail feature to investigate every action on the system.
Audit Trail Employee Performance appraisal



Performance Appraisal Software, Feedback, Employee Performance Review Software, Web Based Employee Appraisals 
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